Lunch Special

Everyday from 11am to 3pm

Lunch Box

Comes with miso soup, rice and salad
#60 Chicken Teriyaki Box
Chicken teriyaki, tempura, California rolls (4pcs) and spring rolls (2pcs)
#61 Beef Teriyaki Box
Beef teriyaki, tempura, California roll (4pcs), and spring rolls (2pcs)
#62 Salmon Teriyaki Box
Salmon teriyaki, tempura, California roll (4pcs), and spring rolls (2pcs)
#63 Sushi Box
Chicken teriyaki, salmon, tuna kani, ebi, sushi, tempura, and spring rolls (2pcs)
#64 Sashimi Box
Chicken teriyaki, salmon (3pcs), tuna (2pcs), tempura, and spring rolls (2pcs)
#65 Vegetable Box
Vegetable tempura, agedashi tofu, A.C. roll, salad, and spring rolls (2pcs)

Sushi Combos

Lunch sushi combos
D. Mini Roll Combo (12pcs)
California roll and dynamite roll
E. Sunshine Combo (14pcs)
Sunrise roll, sunset roll, and cucumber maki
F. Salmon Lover Combo
Salmon sushi (4pcs), salmon roll (4pcs) and salmon sashimi
G. Sushi Deluxe Combo
Assorted sushi (6pcs), assorted sashimi (8pcs), tuna maki (3pcs) and salmon maki (3pcs)
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